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Outreach workers are critical in connecting vulnerable homeless individuals with the support they need. Recently, a team of The City of Dallas Office of Homeless Solutions’ outreach workers reunited a mentally ill woman with her family after she had been missing for several months.

Lisa Blouin and Rodolfo Perez first encountered the woman living on the streets out of her car and gained her trust through consistent visits and assistance. Through their efforts, they were able to locate her family and facilitate a reunion.

This successful outcome highlights the importance of outreach work in supporting those in need and fostering community connections. It also serves as a reminder of the impact of small acts of kindness and compassion on someone’s life.

In a heartwarming story of kindness and compassion, two employees went above and beyond to help reunite a homeless woman with her family. Despite facing numerous obstacles, the employees never gave up and eventually succeeded in finding the woman’s relatives. Their selfless actions remind us of the power of human connection and the importance of helping those in need.


See emails from the family of the reunited woman:

Good morning Ms. Blouin and Mr. Perez,

 I wanted to reach out to you to express my sincere gratitude towards you again for such an exceptional job assisting my cousin during her unfortunate time of need. My family and I have been searching for her and trying to provide any and every resource available to give her as much help as possible since October-2022. Thankfully, through your job well done and that of the reporting citizen, we were able to locate her and assist her yesterday. Thank you for providing her with bottles of water and for assisting with removing things from her car, a kind and professional approach, and for considering her best interest by preventing her vehicle from being towed.

You remained onsite with her until my family and I were able to return because you genuinely cared for her physical and mental wellbeing. That really does mean a lot to my family, and as a fellow servant to the citizens of Dallas, I sincerely thank you on behalf of my family. We all constantly see people throughout our city limits in unfortunate situations such as Miatta, but it really does register differently when it is your family member or someone that you know closely whom you find in that position in life. Servants like you both are well needed here in our city and should be rewarded for your passion and genuine care and concern that you have for those that your department specifically serves that are in unfortunate positions in life.

 Thank you again, and God bless you both.


Lisa and Rodolfo, warm greetings!

 I cannot thank you guys enough for the support given to me and my family yesterday to get my long-lost daughter off the streets!!!! She left my house on 1st September last year with mental health challenges, and all efforts to locate her were fruitless. You cannot imagine the joy our reunion with her brought us. You patiently helped us decongest her car and dispose of the trash in a professional manner, and I am so grateful!

 May God richly bless you.