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It is an honorable endeavor to take part in charitable services, such as feeding the homeless. Such acts of services do not go unnoticed, and we express our sincere gratitude. However, we ask that you consider partnering with us or other agencies who feed our unsheltered neighbors and are connected to the larger homeless ecosystem to contribute there and not on the streets. There are times where this act of kindness may have an adverse effect and become counterproductive to the initiatives taking place in the City and through our neighboring agencies.

The Office of Homeless Solutions along with our key stakeholders work diligently to transition our unsheltered neighbors to sustainable temporary or permanent housing, with the case management support they may need. We must all work together in tandem with one another to accomplish this goal.

To continue your support and find ways your efforts can be more impactful, please email or by contacting the organizations on the list below.

If you plan to participate in street feeding, please learn more at the link below:

Who We Are

You can find more about our goals and mission by visiting our About Us page.

Other Ways to Help

We provide many resources and ways to help reduce homelessness within our communities. Please explore our Donate page, Volunteer page, and Become a Vendor page and discover other ways to help our cause.

Upcoming Events

Are you interested in upcoming events involving our cause? If so, check out the OHS events on the City Calendar.