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About the Point-in-Time Count

Each January, Housing Forward conducts its annual Point-in-Time (PIT) count. The PIT count identifies the number of homeless persons within Dallas and Collin counties. The counts are conducted with the help of communities across Dallas and Collin counties, according to the requirements of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The count is based on observation. On a single night in January, volunteers and community members walk and drive throughout communities in Dallas and Collin counties and engage the individuals they see experiencing homelessness.

volunteers talking to homeless man

Importance of PIT

The Point-in-Time count is an essential component of understanding homelessness within our communities. The count helps our community members gauge the extent, understand recent and changing trends, and aids in imagining new ways to end homelessness.

Explore Previous Counts

Previous and current Point-in-Time counts are available for review. PIT counts allow communities to determine the number of unhoused community members each year, which in turn helps local Continuum of Care agencies to determine what resources are needed, how homelessness trends are changing, and to assess their success rates in reducing homelessness.

Volunteer for the annual PIT Homeless Count

Volunteer for the annual PIT Homeless Count which occurs annually during the last ten days of January. 1,500+ volunteers are needed in Dallas and surrounding counties.

Text MDHA to 22828 to get on the email list and to be notified when registration opens.