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About 311 Requests

The Office of Homeless Solutions Street Outreach Team has been tasked with the responsibility of responding to all homeless 311 service requests. Each request varies in need, however, OHS Street Outreach is equipped to handle requests in a timely manner.

Why It’s Important

Although contacting 311 to file a request may seem arduous, the data is necessary to implement services and identify hot spots throughout the City. To ensure that service requests are properly documented and tracked, please do not email requests for service. Instead, please contact 311 by phone, mobile app, or online to submit requests for City services.

Why It’s Significant

Lack of cleanliness is a significant issue when it comes to homelessness. Debris buildup from encampments causes discomfort for both unhoused and housed community members.

Debris can create unsafe living conditions by polluting the air and blocking heavy traffic areas. The OHS Street Outreach reach team cleans the areas in and around homeless encampments to make residents safer and healthier.


How It Works

  • The team preps for cleaning sessions and / or outreach when requested through 311. When you call 311 or fill out the online form and make a formal request, Street Outreach is notified and then prepares to fulfill your request.
  • Once notified of a service request, a Resolution Coordinator will contact the individual who requested service (if the requestor has requested to be notified).
  • The assigned Resolution Coordinator then has three days to investigate the service request and to determine how to solve the issue. Depending on the issue, the Resolution Coordinator then has up to twenty-one days to resolve the issue. Some service requests, such as an individual in crisis may only take a day to resolve, whereas encampment cleanings may take up to a week to schedule vendors and partners to help with the issue.
  • After the Street Team has completed the cleanup, the service request is officially closed, and the Resolution Coordinator will inform the individual that the service is complete (if the requestor has requested to be notified).

Call 311

If you would like to make a formal 311 request, call the hotline for service.