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truck bed with bags

Moving Day.

Our homeless neighbor had been in contact with the OHS Street Outreach Team for four years, working diligently towards this day. Her work and dedication are a true testament of perseverance. What we have found is that the road to ending homelessness is not always a straight path, there are pitfalls. OHS Street Outreach Team worked with this neighbor faithfully, with grit and determination to help assist her to this milestone. Tears of joy fell as she turned to thank them for never giving up on her. No one could hold back their tears.

two people with moving boxes

We all look on as our neighbor receives her welcome home kit from Housing Forward to get her ready for independence. Our neighbors were so excited to receive the red-carpet treatment signing their leases and moving into their new homes.

person holding document

New home, new life. She is no longer our homeless neighbor, now she is our housed neighbor.

two people with furniture

Our neighbor has received her furniture donated by Housing Forward and now she is well on her way, with the support of her case manager, to independence.