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Volunteer Opportunities

With each interaction, OHS seeks to build more impactful relationships with the City’s most vulnerable population.

The Office of Homeless Solutions receives requests daily from individuals and organizations wanting to volunteer time and resources. However, OHS volunteer opportunities are limited to seasonal temporary inclement weather sheltering. If you or your organization is interested in volunteering or donating resources for inclement weather sheltering, please reach out to us.

Our approach to sustainable giving is partnership, feel free to reach out to our partner organizations year-round for volunteer opportunities.


The Office of Homeless Solutions would like to thank the following donors who have provided meals and material goods to be distributed to our unsheltered neighbors during inclement weather season.

  • Anonymous
  • Baller Moms Kitchen, Bishop Lynch
  • North Texas Food Bank
  • Roar 4 Change
  • Various Dallas City Council Members



Inclement Weather Shelter

During inclement weather we have volunteer opportunities available for the public. If you would like to contribute by donating your time, space, or resources for an inclement weather shelter or to volunteer at one of the temporary shelters, click the link below.

Learn More

Point-In-Time Count

Volunteer your time by participating in the annual Housing Forward led Point in Time Count. Click the link below to find out how.

Learn More

Street Feeding

Consider partnering with OHS and / or other agencies within the All Neighbors Coalition, that feed our unsheltered neighbors.

Learn More

Who We Are

You can find more about our goals and mission by visiting our About Us page.

Other Ways to Help

We provide many resources and ways to help reduce homelessness within our communities. Please explore our Donate page, Street Feeding page, and Become a Vendor page to discover other ways to help our cause.

Upcoming Events

Are you interested in attending or participating in upcoming events? If so, check out the OHS events on the City Calendar.

Contact Us