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In accordance with Chapter 45 of the City Code, the Director of the Office of Homeless Solutions may activate Temporary Inclement Weather Shelters (TIWS) during certain conditions.

Cold weather advisory criteria include the following:

  • Temperature 36 degrees in wet conditions with 50% precipitation or greater predicted  OR
  • Temperature 32 degrees in dry conditions for three or more consecutive hours between the hours of 4 pm and 8 am.


snowstorm in a city

Inclement Weather Shelters


While Temporary Inclement Weather Shelter locations will change to accommodate the various needs in each situation, these are the main locations, which will be utilized:

To find an inclement weather shelter near you or to get transportation to a shelter, please call 311.

Neighbors on the street can be referred to any of the listed locations here, to get a ride to shelter. In addition, DART and Police (and other City Vehicles) can drop people at the nearest one of these locations if an IWS is too far away.

If your organization would like to apply to become a temporary inclement weather shelter, please click here.


Snowy bench in a city

Warming Supplies

Though we strongly encourage all unsheltered neighbors to seek warm shelter during this type of weather, we must acknowledge that there are those who will refuse. In order to offer our unsheltered neighbors, the best chance of survival, our Street Outreach teams will hand out cold weather packets including a hat, gloves, a mylar blanket, and hand and foot warmers​.

Individual cold weather packets may also be picked up at the following locations. Packets are intended for use by individuals refusing to seek shelter in emergency, cold weather situations. If you are aware of individuals refusing to seek shelter, please contact OHS at for further information on accessing these kits.

Donation and Volunteer Opportunities

For donation and volunteer opportunities, please email us or click here.