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Activated TIWS Locations will be listed below this line and on the red banner atop all pages when activated

Official intake hours will be from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily, and from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily thereafter, until the inclement weather triggers are no longer met.* These hours may be extended based on inclement weather triggers. Inclement weather sheltering (IWS) will be activated until the inclement weather triggers are no longer met. Triggers are based on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric forecast, and in accordance with Chapter 45 of the City Code.

*Individuals will not be turned away if they present on site after 10 p.m. Stay warm. Stay safe.

Individuals with minors and / or families that present at active IWS locations will be directed to Family Gateway. Transportation may be provided; however, a pre-intake form is needed. The form may be found here.

Individuals with pets are welcome. 

When inclement weather sheltering is activated, the below zones will be areas for transport and pick up. The below zones are not applicable when inclement weather is not activated.

City of Dallas Transportation Zones

If you speak with someone who is needing transportation and they are not near or able to get to one of the zones below, please call 311 and report an individual needing transportation to shelter. Street Outreach is dispatching pick up based on 311 requests. 

Additionally, DART, Dallas Fire and Rescue, and Dallas Police may transport individuals to the designated inclement weather shelter.

Zone 1: South of I-30 Zone 2: Central Business District Zone 3: Medical District & Forrest Ln. Areas
Austin Street & City Square Area –Encampments & covered bus stops City Library Parkland / Southwest Medical Center area / Union Gospel Mission
Our Calling Greyhound Bus Station Salvation Army & Medical District Areas, Northwest along Harry Hines
Warren United Methodist Church Greenville & Ross Intersection


Garret Park at South end of Greenville Ave

Fair Park entrances / Convenience stores on MLK & Malcolm X The Stewpot / First Presbyterian City Place, Highway 75 bridge underpasses
Dallas LIFE surrounding neighborhood & Convention Center area The Bridge area Medical City / Green Oaks
Malcolm X & Pennsylvania Bus Stop Dallas 24 Hour Club and surrounding area – including Gaston Ave, Live Oak, and Ross Ave covered bus stops


Carter Park – Located across from Pearl St Transit Station at Pearl St & Pacific St intersection

Hwy 75 & Forest Ln area
Locations below are for pick up only
MLK Jackson Transit Station


DART NW Fairgrounds (Perry Ave)

Forest Ln DART Station


Parkland / SWMC DART Stations

Warming Supplies

Though we strongly encourage all unsheltered neighbors to seek shelter during this type of weather, we must acknowledge that there are those who will refuse. In order to offer our unsheltered neighbors, the best chance of survival, our Street Outreach teams will be handing cold weather supplies (kits) including a hat, gloves, a mylar blanket, hand and foot warmers, as well as offering services and transportation to shelter.

Individual cold weather packets may also be picked up at the following locations. Please note that the kits are intended for use by individuals refusing to seek shelter in emergency, cold weather situations. These kits are not intended for mass distribution to singular organizations. If your organization would like to volunteer their services during inclement weather, please visit our Friends of OHS page.

If you are aware of individual(s) refusing to seek shelter, please contact us at to inform us on the location of the individual(s).

See the list of designated sites below (kits will only be provided for unsheltered homeless individuals)

Recreation Center Address
Exall 1355 Adair, 75204
Fretz 6994 Beltline, 75240
Harry Stone 2403 Millmar 75228
Jaycee-Zaragoza 3114 Clyner, 75212
Kidd Springs 711 W. Canty, 75208
Kiest 3080 S. Hampton, 75224
Lake Highlands 9940 White Rock Trail, 75238
Marcus 3003 Northaven, 75229
MLK Center 2922 Martin Luther King Blvd, 75215
Pleasant Oaks 8701 Greenmound 75227
Samuell-Grand 6200 E Grand 75223
Singing Hills 6805 Patrol Way, 75241
Thurgood Marshall 5150 Mark Trail 75232
Timberglen 3810 Timberglen Rd 75287

Recreation Operating Hours will be listed below this line when inclement weather shelter is activated. Normal hours resume for recreational centers across the City as weather allows them to remain open.






  • I need transportation to shelter. How can I get transportation? When cold weather stations are activated, a list of pick-up zones will be posted are posted on this page. You may also call 311 or ask someone to call 311 for you and request transportation.
  • I have a pet with me, can I bring my pet? Yes, Street Outreach and our partners can transport you to pet-friendly sheltering.
  • I don’t want to leave the area I am in, as all my belonging are here. What can I do? For your safety, we ask that you please seek cold weather shelter. You may take transportable items with you, which will then be held on site in storage until you depart. However, if you do not want to attend a TIWS, one recreation center in each district, listed here during activation, and OHS Street Outreach have items to keep you warm: handwarmers, gloves, socks, and a thermal blanket to increase your chances of survival in extreme temperatures.
  • I am disabled and cannot get to a TIWS via traditional transportation. How can I get to a TIWS? Street Outreach and our partners have ADA accessible vehicles and ADA sheltering available. Please contact 311 and inform them of your situation and location, so that they may arrange transportation for you.

Additional Information

  • Inclement Weather Triggers:  A temperature of 36 degrees in wet conditions with 50% precipitation or greater predicted or a temperature of 32 degrees in dry conditions for 3 or more consecutive hours between the hours of 4 pm and 8 am.
  • Weather App Website: OHS utilizes the NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) weather radar, 48-hour forecast (zip code: 75215)

Donation and Volunteer Opportunities

For donation and volunteer opportunities, please email us or click here.