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The Street Outreach Team does the critical work of making sure that our unsheltered neighbors are warm during the winter months. Their work is at the center of the Office of Homeless Solutions (OHS). Their execution and follow-through with inclement weather shelters have been a success this year in keeping our homeless neighbors safe and warm.

With the assistance of other City departments and homeless service provider partners, supported by Fair Park First/ Spectra, we hosted over a thousand guests at Fair Park during the winter of 2022. It was a collaborative effort, and we could not have climbed this mountain without the continued support of our community.

Here are some snapshots of the inclement weather shelter set up in February of 2022 at the Automobile Building at Fair Park.

Pictured are the admission and intake areas of the inclement weather shelter that the OHS Street Outreach Team and partners set up at the Automobile Building at Fair Park.

All guests were registered, entered into CAS and HMIS, and received a Covid-19 test. If individuals tested positive, they were not turned away; a special section was provided for our Covid-positive guests until they were transported to our Covid-19 quarantine site.


Food was organized, prepped, and provided to the guests every day.