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With dangerously cold weather expected in Dallas starting on Thursday, December 22, the Office of Homeless Solutions is prepared to welcome 250 guests at the Central Public Library that will be used as a temporary inclement weather shelter. Overnight temperatures are expected to remain at or well below freezing through the weekend. Therefore, the City’s temporary inclement weather shelters are expected to remain open 24 hours per day through Christmas.

The City of Dallas started the TIWS program in November of 2018. This week marks the first time the temporary shelters will operate over Christmas. It is a painful reminder that some people in our community have no place to call home during this holiday season.

The opening of the shelter offers a wonderful giving opportunity this holiday season. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Meals over the 4 – 5 nights that the shelter will be open for 250 guests. Breakfast bags to go (granola bar/fruit/juice bottle) and dinner for all days. Lunch for select days including Christmas day.
  • Meals for 20 staff members who will be working at the shelter and away from their families this holiday.
  • Bottled water (bottles no larger than 16.9 oz).
  • Christmas gifts for 250 guests. The items should be identical and gender neutral. Suggested items include new gloves, scarves or caps. A pocket-sized notebook and pen. Christmas stockings filled with fruits and trail mix. Donation Received!
  • Unaddressed and signed Christmas cards for distribution to each guest on Christmas Day. Donation Received!
  • Used/gently used coats for adult males and females.
  • Cash donation to the Office of Homeless Solutions Fund at the Communities Foundation of Texas. Donations can be made online here:
  • Volunteers (adults only) are also needed at the shelter that will operate 24/7. Assignments vary but the greatest needs are during the overnight hours and during meal service.
  • Donors and volunteers should direct their requests to This mailbox will be monitored closely, and staff will respond promptly during the inclement weather shelter period. All donations, deliveries and volunteers must be scheduled.

We appreciate your support and would like to recognize your contribution on the Office of Homeless Solutions website. Please bookmark this page to monitor our TIWS activities. We respect your privacy should you wish to remain anonymous.